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What is ESG management?

ESG management stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it refers to the approach where companies consider sustainability and social responsibility in their operations and decision-making.

What to do

ESG Management Strategy


We strive to minimize pollution and greenhouse gas emissions through the efficient use of resources and energy.

We are committed to operating and continually improving the best environmental management system.


We make efforts to comply with domestic

and international environmental regulations and promote an

eco-friendly culture.

We believe in fostering sustainable growth and consider customer value and satisfaction as paramount.

  • Expand the purchase ratio of green products

  • Reduce emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases

  • Decrease energy consumption while improving efficiency 

  • Make efforts to reduce waste

  • Enhance employee and customer satisfaction

  • Expand and strengthen corporate social responsibility initiatives

  • Increase the purchase ratio of products from social enterprises and disabled-friendly businesses

  • Strengthen prevention of unfair corruption

  • Improve corporate ethics policies

  • Manage the integrity score of public institutions




E nvironment       
   S ocial                
      G overnance       

KEY Action Items

ESG경영방침 다운로드

Sustainability Environmental


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